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Youlab Nano Complex

While regular water makes the solution base of every cosmetic product in the market, Youlab bases all of it's Skin Care products on our proprietary Youlab Nano Complex, an active antioxidant solution containing water molecule clusters twice as small as the standard water molecule structure, which absorbs easily through the skin layers to deliver benefits where they are needed most . 

This breakthrough means that our products are up to 100% active ingredients!

The inspiration to this cutting-edge technology is a phenomenon found in the waters of Onsen, Japanese volcanic hot springs, which for centuries have been known for their healing attributes for the skin, body and mind. Active ‘micro-waters’ are created through a natural process in which waters that spring up from volcanic activity carry with them a unique mineral charge, millions of years old, from the deep crusts of the earth. This charge changes the pH level and the molecular structure of the waters, rearranging them into molecule clusters that are twice as small as normal. These mineral-enhanced waters are famous for superior absorption that allows them to blend perfectly and effortlessly with skin at an intracellular level. Consequently, they help renew, repair and protect skin cells from environmental damaging agents and premature aging.  

Youlab replicates this naturally occurring phenomenon of Nano waters by using state-of-the-art technology. Water goes through a process similar to that in the Onsens and becomes our antioxidant mineral Youlab Nano Complex. These are no longer passive waters but fast absorbing active molecules that deliver into the skin their mineral charge, and any additional active ingredients that the product contains, for maximum effectiveness. Due to the Youlab Nano Complex solution and its unique mineral charge, we add the most valuable and superior active ingredients in the market. At Youlab, we don’t just promise... we are committed! Behind every product within the personal care line stands the philosophy that guides us. We believe that the skin is naturally intelligent and is able to maintain the healthy proliferation of its cells. Therefore, our products are made with active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and communicate with skin cells to stimulate natural mechanisms of rehabilitation and maintenance in the innermost layers where new cells are created and existing cells function. Consistent usage of the Youlab series of products will assist in having real long term results. The Youlab Nano Complex serves as the strongest active ingredient within the Youlab personal care product line as well as a powerful efficient delivery system that has the ability to enhance cellular communication.

As the YOULAB NANO Complex is introduced to the skin, a natural chain reaction
starts within the skin:

  • Step 1: Activate your cellular system. The micro-structure easily allows accelerated penetration through the Keratin and Epidermis layers of the skin. A massive infusion of minerals, nutrients and active ingredients help increase the activity within the skin cells.
  • Step 2: New skin cells. Skin starts to exfoliate and new, smooth and refined texture appears immediately.
  • Step 3: Collagen optimization. Your body will start to produce its own Antioxidant enzyme (catalase) and start to promote new collagen production which also helps protect elastin and collagen inventory in the skin.
  • Step 4: Restore Alkaline levels. 20 million year old coral fossils balance the pH levels of your body and detox toxins from cells.
  • Step 5: Cell stabilization. The cell achieves hormonal and mineral balance.
  • Step 6: Tenseless skin. Muscle fibers relax while stress is released and a natural Botox effect occurs without the use of chemicals.
  • Step 7: Moisture lock. Hydro-thermal lock of epidermis layer and provides a protective barrier against the drying damage of cold winter.